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Photographs of performing artists are not for sale to the general public. These photos are intended to show a sample of my work. Performers, news outlets, and venues may inquire about licensing for use. I am also available on commission to photograph musicians and other performing artists for promotional purposes. Please contact me for details.
Shae & The Mega HeadsKevin JonesKristen Long, of Black MasalaThe Fabulous Bel AirsSonny Skyyz and the RainmakersNappy RiddemMary AlouetteVegas with RandolphBJ LeidermanBlack Alley's lead singer, Kacey Williams - Wammy Awards ShowThe GoAroundTaylor CentersLove CanonThe SpongetonesPat DinizioSonny Skyyz and the RainmakersKevin JonesStephen BennettThe Fabulous Bel AirsSwamp Poodle